Numbers are made to be changed.

Help us to do it.
One over six
Students voted
last time. Can you think about 5 classmates that will not vote? This participation brings a real low amout of energy in the boards of PoliMi which, everyday, deal with students' problems and tries to innovate our university.
One over four
International Students
enrolled in master degrees in Politecnico di Milano. Maybe ways more than what you thought? Internalization is almost an unicum in our Country and it enriches our students experience everyday, making an international network with people from all over the world. For this reason Politecnico needs to make easier integration and participation of international students in university life.
Years to graduate
is the time often needed for a student that attends a five-years degree at Politecnico di Milano. Isn't it too much? We believe that quality education is not just about high quality teaching activities, but also when university gives students every item to maximize academical results. Just doing so we can compete with international universities that generally finish the university with a lower amount of time.
One percent
Of PoliMi Budget for sports
and for students activities, is given every year. University life should not be just studying activity but it should also include cultural and recreational activities. For this reason we believe that Politecnico should allow to make more meaningful students experience in our university.
One over twentyfive
Students in mobility
outgoing, in average for every year in PoliMi. Isn't that so few? We believe that going abroad is a main aspect of students education during university and for this reason is really important to eliminate everything that makes more complicate for students to go abroad.
Sounds Good